This Will Be Your Next Home Robot

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Most of us were introduced to robots through the movies. But real robots don’t look and act like people, walking and speaking naturally. For the foreseeable future, the best a robot can do is do one thing well.

Which is why I was excited to learn that one of my favorite robotic technologies is finally coming to market, and will forever get rid of one of those annoying home tasks.

Foldimate is a robot that practically markets itselfFoldimate is a patented technology that folds your dry laundry, eliminating forever the hassle of folding clothes. It is a self-contained machine with roughly the same form factor as your existing washer and dryer.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Foldimate inventor and CEO Gal Rozov in 2013. I’ve seen dozens of novel consumer and commercial robotics ideas since then, yet Foldimate remains one of my favorites. I am thrilled to see Gal’s vision coming to market, and I think it will meet with well-deserved success.

You can now reserve a Foldimate for your home. So make space in your laundry room – your Roomba is getting a friend.

Product image courtesy of Foldimate