Do This, See This, Buy This: Dreamforce

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San Franciscans always know when Dreamforce is coming. Streets start to close. Hotels and flights fill up. And there’s a buzz in the air beyond anything else the tech world brings to our little peninsula on the Pacific.

Dreamforce, salesforce, B2B marketingI’m excited to be at Dreamforce again after a 2-year hiatus. As Salesforce’s user conference and trade show, Dreamforce has turned into a massive combination of product demonstrations, user education, philanthropy, and parties. It’s now the world’s biggest software conference. Last year 135,000 people registered, 400 companies exhibited, and five million people watched online. There were 1,450 sessions and 20 music concerts.[1]

So you owe it to yourself to experience Dreamforce at least once, even if you don’t have a business interest in Salesforce or its constellation of partners. If nothing else, you’ll see the realized vision of one of today’s great B2B marketing geniuses, Marc Benioff.

Best of all, you can go to Dreamforce for free. Your free pass gets you into the expo hall and many of the keynotes.

So what are you waiting for? A better party? Get your pass and get to Dreamforce. I’ll see you there!


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[1] Dreamforce by the Numbers – Salesforce Blog